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- Constitutional Liberty

- Cut Spending and Taxes

- Cherish Family Values

- Pro 1st and 2nd Amendments

- Pro Life

- Pro Faith and Family

- For Veterans

- For Ranchers

- For Retirees & Hardworking Citizens

Thank you for visiting. It's beyond time for a change of leadership. I ask you for your vote in the primary on Tuesday June 4th, 2024 to bring a TRUE conservative, lifelong Republican, to be your voice in the South Dakota Senate for most of Meade county and parts of Pennington/Butte counties.

John Carley


1. CARLEY: Constitutional Freedoms

    opponent: Voted 2021, 2024 (SB3, HB1235) Allow unelected bureaucrats to

                      potentially confine you to your homes / Injections: no Opt-Outs

2. CARLEY: Family Freedom

    opponent: Voted 2021 (HB1076) to not define boy/girl on birth certificate

3. CARLEY: Cut spending

    opponent: Voted 2023 (SB41HB1196, SB210) largest spending bills in SD history

4. CARLEY: Lower taxes

    opponent: Voted 20,21,22,23,24' (HB1099, HB1169, HB1053, SB120, HB1092)as a compulsive tax raiser to raise city, county, and state taxes

5. CARLEY: Election Integrity

    opponent: Flip flopped, then Voted 2023 (HB1217) to not fix mail-in ballot problems

6. CARLEY: No political gerrymandering

    opponent: Didn't show up 2021 (HB1001) to prevent manipulation of district to advantage certain politicians

7. CARLEY: Protect Landowner Rights

     opponent: Voted 2023, 2024 (HB1133, HB1219, HB1185, HB1090)to let corporations abuse eminent domain against individuals and force landowners to sell property

8. CARLEY: Stand with Noem in protecting our finances from Federal Government takeover

     opponent: Voted 2023, 2024 (HB1193, HB1199) trying to make South Dakota the first Central Bank Digital Currency State that would allow the Feds to track and limit your purchases

9. CARLEY: Give Parents Education Options for their kids

     opponent: Voted 2024, (HB1250) said no to giving parents access to educational empowerment accounts

10. CARLEY: Fully Support the 2nd Amendment - Right to Bear Arms

     opponent: Voted 2022 (HB1052) not to limit federal overreach on our constitutional & states rights to have firearms



HOW OTHERS EVALUATE JOHN vs OPPONENT: – ranks John Carley #1 against opponent


Liberty Pilot – ranks John Carley, opponent, and other legislators in SD


NRA ScoreJohn Carley earns "A" – John Carley listed for SD under Families First Pledge

Chaffee's (opponent) vote for life score – 2021 (did not earn 100%, voted no on HB1311)

Chaffee's (opponent) voting Record – 2023  (only earned a 47/100 conservative score, meaning 53% of time voted with liberals)

Chaffee's (opponent) "C-" failing score  - near the bottom with "The American Conservative Union Foundation"

Chaffee's (opponent) Freedom Index - 2023 has an extraordinarily low 33% freedom score



  • Effort to keep True Conservative Republicans Out

    • ​(Quote from article: "[SD] Democrats as may as well hold a super-majority, particularily in the Senate. They just run as Republicans")​​

  • Listen: John Carley & Ronald Reagan                        How to choose a good Candidate                     Limited Government

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